Though she was originally hired as a choreographer for Glee, Heather Morris -- who plays oversexed and undereducated cheer leader Brittany -- steals morescenes with her deadpan, hilarious non sequiturs ("I think mycat's been reading my diary;" "Did you know that dolphins are just gaysharks?") than her dance moves.

Theshow'sproducers are clearly smitten. Morris, who typically deliversthese Brittanyisms with achingly perfect timing to co-star Naya Rivera(who plays Santana), has played a noticeably stronger role in the second season. A recent, highly anticipatedBritney Spears-themed episode centered on Morris and prominentlyfeatured hersinging and dancing (turns out she's not just the show's comedic darkhorse -- the girl can sing, too.) The Arizona native got her breakon the 2006 season of So You Think You Can Dance and from therewent on to dance back up on the "The Beyonce Experience" tour, theGrammy Awards, SNL, and the American Music Awards.  Here, Morris talks to us about Brittany, Britney and her cat, Zack Morris.

How was your character Brittany born?
Ialways joke around with Ryan (Murphy, Glee Creator) and whenever we wouldsing I would do this really nasally, irritating voice. It would make uslaugh.  From there the joke helped shape the character. Oh, and alsothe character Karen from "Mean Girls."

What was your favorite Britney Spears outfit you got to wear?
Britneywears that infamous red latex body suit in the "Oops I Did It AgainVideo."  I think it is so sexy, they had to make four suits for when wedid the remake of the video, and the Costume Designer let me keep one. It's probably going to be my Halloween costume.  

What did you like most about making that episode?
Wellstanding in front of Britney Spears was very rewarding. I just wanted to stare at her.  I once auditioned fora video off of her Circus album as a body double and I felt the sameway then. But this time it was much more up-close and personal.  Also workingwith the giant albino snake for "I'm a Slave 4 U." His name was Banana. He was so warm,plump and heavy. My arms were sore for the next two days.

What's your go to Karaoke song?
"Under Pressure." It's one of the best songs to dance to.

Where do you like to shop?
The Le Creuset outletis one of my favorite spots. I collect the red pots. I think you canmake the best Spaghetti in them. I also love to shop on iTunes and theMac Store. I always seem to lose my headphones so I'm always buyingnew ones.

If you could invite three people over for a slumber party who would they be?
1. Marie Antoinette (she was free spirited)
2. Bjork (I would beg her to just make music, to just go off and I would join in)
3. Michael Cera (for inspiration. I used to always watch him on Arrested Development.)

What are your favorite possessions?
I'mnot a very materialistic girl, I get that from my mom. She doesn't likeclutter.  But if I had to say something, it would be my black cat Zack Morris.Paramount has these stray cats that hang out on the lot and one of them had kittens. SoLea (Michele) took two and I took one. He is one of the best thingsthat has happened to me. Oh, and of course, my promise ring.

What's the last song you downloaded?
Goldfrapp's "We Radiate" from the Vampire Diaries soundtrack and "Black Sheep" by Metric.

What is the last thing you YouTubed?
This old James Brown news clip. He is insanely high or drunk or something. It's very entertaining.  

Have you ever been bullied?
Nothinglike some of the stories Chris Colfer tells me about his youth. Though I do remember my freshmanyear when my father passed, I stopped wearing make up, stopped fixingmy hair, and didn't care what I looked like. I wore sweats everyday. After a while, the girls started getting really catty. People neverreally bullied me during this time, but they would judge me and talkabout me behind my back, and that can be just as tormenting to a teen.

What makes you gleeful? (Sorry, I had to)
Mymom donates a lot of time to a Teen Pregnancy shelter.  One of myhobbies is crocheting (I learned it from her) so we make blankets forthese expected mothers to be.

How is it working with new cast members this season?
Ilove working with Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans), he does tons ofdifferent voices, he is just hysterical. He feels like a littlebrother.

Who is an actress you admire?
Both Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart -- they are perfect examples of good actresses from our generation.

Where is our favorite place to travel to?
WhenI went on tour with Beyonce we hit 45 dates in one year, so I've been alot of places, but one of the most memorable spots has to be Ethiopia. We had this giant outdoor tent, with a dirt floor, thousands ofsmiling faces.  The entire place was just beaming with love.  With somuch energy you feel like you could heal the world.  We got to take alot of side trips to see the beautiful country side, safari's, oldcastles, but for me the people were so amazing.  They were so gratefuland so giving even though they had hardly anything.  

What do you do on set while the other actors are performing scenes you're not in?
I'llsit and read or joke around with other cast members. They did justinstalled Wii Sport into all of our trailers. Although I would much prefer old school games like Super Mario Brothers or Duck Hunt.  I stillremember to this day how sore my fingers would get. I should dig outmy Nintendo from under my bed and bring it into my trailer.

What book are you currently reading?
A Spot of Bother by another funny Brit -- Mark Haddon.

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