If NataliaKills looks familiar, it's because she was all over the place during New York Fashion Week  -- performing at Prince Peter's rock 'n' roll presentation and the Box, making the rounds at after-parties for Prabal Gurung, and kicking it front row in head-turning numbers at a numberof shows. You'll likely be seeing even more of Kills in the coming months -- the budding Brit was discovered by, and she's readying a debut album, Perfectionist, of gothy dance-pop gems to be released on Cherry Tree/Interscope records in early 2011. She's alreadybooked some massive gigs, opening for Kelis on herEuropean tour as well as Robyn onher US tour. Before she headed back to LA to prepare for her inevitability jam-packed 2011, PAPERMAG caught up with the eyeliner-loving chanteuse to chat about her adventures at debaucherous NYC club The Box, her self-directed web series and her influences.

For people who don't know Natalia Kills just yet, how would you describe your sound?
I keep hearing the term "dark pop" being used as a reference to mysound... it's definitely more wild and confrontational thanconventional radio music. I like to provoke and challenge the listenerwith the most honest and direct way of putting my thoughts across.

You have a little web series called "Love, Kills xx" that you write and direct. How'd those come about?
Afew years ago when I first started performing I did some acting and TVwork, and although I loved the expression and entertainment aspect, Isoon realized it wasn't enough to interpret someone else's vision. Iwanted to be the one writing, directing, producing. I wanted to be thecreator and the creation. Finally, I've found a way to do that plusinclude my music all in one frame. Whenever I have a dream ornightmare, or something unusual happens I write it down, then make athree minute story out of it. Then I put myself in it, reacting tothese scenarios my imagination has come up with, then sound track itwith my music. That's how each episode of "Love, Kills xx" is made!
You were everywhere during Fashion Week! What was the highlight for you?
I was invited to performat The Box, which was the most bizarre and beautifulplace I've ever been. If you have a weak stomach or are easily offended Idon't recommend a night out there... I, however, felt quite at home. 
How would you describe your personal style? You seem to have a thing for black..
Film and photographic art are my biggest influences when itcomes to music and personal style. I don't really follow fashion ordesigners -- I like to dress to depict whatever mood I'm in. Peoplehave been describing my music as "dark pop" so I think there is acertain "drama" to how I sound and dress. 
Who are some of the people who have influenced you creatively?
... Marie Antionette... Jimi Hendrix... Kate Bush... AlfredHitchcock... Mae West... Salvador Dali... Quentin Tarantino...  Anyonewho believes in and lives for their cause and are not afraid to sufferfor the risk of their choices.  

Only one living person was in that bunch! Do you ever wish you had lived in a different decade?
Sometimes I wish I was born in the '50s so I could experiencethe post-war values and live out my twenties in the '70s, but I feel likenow is a great time. There are so many movements to draw from and somany ways technology can enable our expression of how past eras haveinfluenced us.