At Jessica Simpson's Spring 2011 jeanswear show last night, little sister Ashlee Simpson-Wentz gushed to us about her love of '90s fashion (and proudlystole/still wears Jessica's flower Doc Martens from the 9th grade) and her obsession with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O. It's no surprise, then,that she's recording an indie-folk album and working on a "boutiquey" clothingline of her own. PAPERMAG chatted with her about it all at the show. 

Are you sticking around for any NYFW shows? 
I am for a little bit, but I'm sticking around to write music this week.

Do you know the direction of the forthcoming record? 
I do, I do. I see the light. But I'm definitely not spilling the beans just yet. It's definitely a bit folky. 

Way more folky than "Pieces of Me"? 
It had that feel, but I'm really going for it this time!

Well, "LaLa" and "Outta My Head" were pretty major. 
Well,I'm always a kooky person, so you're not going to lose that. But forme, there's an era of music that I miss and I wanna make that kind ofmusic. The songs that we need to hear.

Like '90s Alanis Morissette?
No! (laughs) 

We miss those days!
Imiss them, too.  Are you kidding me? I wear my Doc Martens all thetime and I never let them go! And my shiny maroon Airwalks. My bestfriend Lauren from elementary school -- we both used to wear the JNCOSand the shiny maroon Airwalks and she's in the show tonight. She worksfor my sister and my mom on the line.

It seems like all of your friends and family are involved in Jessica's line.
That's the feel of the whole overall line. I'm always stealing the shoes. And I have to say, they really did agreat job with the denim -- and I'm like a J Brand freak. Her jeans fityour butt cutely and they're comfortable -- you can wear them on anairplane. They fit your body right.

And what about your look tonight?
I'mwearing all Jessica. I've even got her bra on, her necklace. I mean,it's my sister so it's so much fun and her line is amazing.

Are you into doing any acting in the future?
Not at the moment. But I'm definitely one that if there'ssomething I love, I'd probably do it if it was a role that I connectedwith. It's not a rush. But right now, my best friend Lauren and I aregoing to work on a clothing line, too. Small, cool boutique-y stuff.

Do you have a dream musical collab? 
Ihave to say Gwen Stefani is the new Blondie so I'd wanna do it withher. Or Karen O. I would die. Oh my God, if I got to meet Karen O Iwould die. Oh my God! I've grown up loving her. I'd paint my face likeher. She's my all-time really.