Former PAPER cover girl Erin Wasson is one of my favorite types of ladies -- super cool, super stylish and super fun. MM ran into her at the Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb anniversary party Wednesday night and chatted with her about what's shaking with her new jewelry line Lowlov and her new, post-RVCA design career.

Are you geared up for this week?
I think so! I dunno.

It must feel different  this year, because you're showing yourjewelry line, Lowlov, instead of your clothes.
his is the first time in two years that I'm not doing anactual fashion show and/or a presentation... (looking over at Ladyfag, who has justlent Erin a cigarette)  Wow! Lookat her fucking nails. That's so amazing

She's crazy. Do you know each other? Ladyfag this isErin.
We don't. Pleasure!

Your shows started off small and really fast turnedinto a big extravaganza. Was that fun?
It was totally exciting and going into RVCA,  there was always going to be anexpiration date. Just like myself. I look at myself as dairy. There is anexpiration date so you've got to make the most of it. You can only sit on theshelf for so long. But this fashion week is all Lowlov.

What made you want to do your jewelry?
You know what, before clothing was always jewelry.Always. Ever since I was a kid. I always played with jewelry. My first memoriesare going to MJ Designs and going to get beads and wire. I'm actually doingwhat I'm really passionate about. I love doing clothes, and this might be a boldstatement, but, to me, clothes are slightly disposable. Right? Fibers do breakdown. Jewelry is forever. It's made of metal. It's alchemy. There'ssomething about that that really draws me.

Goldfrapp performed tonight? Are there bands you love?
You know,  I respect anybody who gets up there anddoes their damn thing. She killed it. For a girl in an amazing dress with a microphoneto completely captivate a crowd is nothing but respect.

Photo by Patrick McMullan