Above from left: Brie Larson, Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The average "movie event of the summer" does not generally do it for us. But Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, director Edgar Wright'svisually insane acid trip of a blockbuster, is an exception. Based on a comic book series of the same name, the film is about a boy named ScottPilgrim (Michael Cera) who can only win over the girl of his dreams by defeating her seven evil exes. Here are three of the film's badass leadingladies, played by three up-and-coming actresses who are definitely doing it for us. 

Who: Brie Larson 
Plays: Envy Adams, Scott Pilgrim'sex-girlfriend-turned-famous-pop-star 
On her costume: "The shoes werethe real kicker. They were sewn tofit my legs exactly, but I was workingout so much that when the timecame to wear them, my calf musclewas bigger so they had to Vaselinemy legs into them! It took three peopleto get them on and off. So hilarious.So worth it." 
Edgar says... "Brie plays the icequeen card magnificently. She alsodoesn't blink in any of her shotsat my request. I think Brie thoughtme mad when I first laid downthe 'no blinking' rule, but it looksamazing onscreen."

Who: Ellen Wong 
Plays: Knives Chau, Scott Pilgrim'sex-girlfriend-turned-obsessive-crazy-person 
On working with Michael Cera:"I was really nervous on the first day, but itworked out because the scene I was doingwas the one where Knives meets Scott'sfriends for the first time and she's supernervous. I was standing outside waiting forScott to open the door, palms sweaty, heartpounding. After the first take, Michaelopened the door and peeked his head outand told me I was doing a good job and tokeep it up. It was such a relief to hear fromsomeone that I was doing OK." 
Edgar says... "Ellen auditioned for methree times and was brilliant. It was only onthe second time that I actually glanced ather résumé and saw she was a green belt intaekwondo. I was intrigued by this sweetfacedyoung lady being a secret badass--and she is. She could kick your ass."

Who: Mary Elizabeth Winstead 
Plays: Ramona V. Flowers, ScottPilgrim's true love 
On rehearsals: "We'd come to work,have physical training in the morning,go off to kung fu training, have a couplehours of rehearsal, always rotatingfrom one to another -- it was like goingto the coolest school ever." 
Edgar says..."Mary had been my choicefor Ramona for almost two years beforewe started filming. She has a very sunnydisposition as a person, so it was interestingto get her to play a version of herselfthat was broken inside. She's great inthe film because she causes a lot of chaosbut remains supernaturally grounded."

Stylist: Alicia Simpson Hair: AdrianoMorassut Makeup: Sheri Stroh(all for the Plutino Group)Brie, Ellen and Mary Elizabethwear dresses by BCBG Max Azria.Jewelry by Rita Tesolin.