Like father, not exactly like son."I've never worn a leather jacket, and I nevercould," Max Winkler says. "It would be badfor my ego." Yes, he may be the son of Henry"The Fonz" Winkler, but he's the first to admithe's no actor ("horrific" is how he describes hisacting skills). His ego, though, has a few projectsit can be proud of: directing a popular Internetshow (Michael Cera's Clark and Michael), a festival-circuit short, and now a feature film hewrote, starring Uma Thurman.

"I'd been really antsy to make a movie,"he explains from his editing room (also, as ithappens, his childhood bedroom) in L.A. "Mywriting partner and I had written a bunch ofscripts, but all of them were too expensive ornot practical to make right out of film school.Out of frustration, I thought, 'I'm just goingto write something incredibly sort of personaland concentrated.' I sat down in a room andlocked myself in for two weeks."

The result was Ceremony, a "comedy witha lot of sadness" about a young man (MichaelAngarano) who shows up at the wedding of anolder woman (Thurman) with whom he's infatuatedto try to halt the proceedings. Winklercites The Graduate and Harold and Maude amongits influences, but emphasized that for all itsdebts, it's a personal (if not autobiographical)film first and foremost. "It was a very catharticexperience. I feel like I was on rumspringaor something." (That, for the uninitiated, isthe testing journey into the secular world thatAmish teenagers undertake.) He laughs: "Mytherapist may have been out of town thosecouple of months."

Max wears a cardigan by Lacoste, shirt by Guess, pants by Band of Outsiders, and tie by Stussy Deluxe