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If you kept up with Keeping Up With theKardashians last season, you saw that as Kourtney, Kimand Khloe started their own families and dramas--notalways in that order--the two youngest members of theklan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, 14 and 12, emergedas budding personalities in their own right. WhenKourtney hopped in the shower after her water broke,it was Kylie that delivered the season's best line: "Let'sget clean so we can get blood all over my vagina!"

"People tell us all the time we should have ourown show," says Kendall, who's modeled for Nordstromand Forever 21. "I absolutely love it--everything aboutit!" she says of modeling--especially bonding with hersisters. "Kim gives me advice and Khloe tells me howlucky I am because she always wanted to be a model,"offers Kendall. "She gives me pointers--it's like I'mKhloe in another body."

"It may not always look like it on the show, butour sisters are just really good role models," addsKylie, who's eyeing acting. As the family grows, so dothe role models. "Lamar [Odom, Khloe's husband]told me the most important thing in a relationship isto be able to trust the guy," remembers Kendall. Notthat she's had to use the advice yet: "We don't date,"she says. In fact, for growing up in a family wheremom's Christmas parties meant visits from Sugar RayLeonard and Babyface, the girls are still pretty muchnormal tweens, doing charity work at school, shoppingat Planet Blue in Malibu and hitting the beach--whenKylie doesn't have a bar or bat mitzvah to go to. Sure,they have their celebrity crushes--but for the rightreasons: "We're obsessed with Britney Spears," saysKylie. "I've been listening to her songs since the secondgrade." But mostly, adds Kendall, "We like her becauseshe's someone who's really turned her life around."Hear that, Scott?

(L-R) Kylie wears a top and pants by Nicole Miller Collection, sneakers by Pastry, by Vanessa and Angela Simmons and a necklace by Miansai. Kendall wears a top and shorts by Minnie Mortimer, sandals by Edmundo Castillo for Tommy Hilfiger and a necklace by Miansai.