Manifest Equality.jpgDuring Oscar season this year, Hollywood is in for a reality check when Manifest Equality stages a multiple-media "moment" to bring much-needed awareness to thepress, the stars and everyone else in L.A. who need to become moreactive in the fight for marriage rights for all Americans. From March3- 7, there will be a Manifest Equality Gallery (1341 Vine Street),issuing a call-to-action and showing the works of artists motivated tofight for equal rights. The gallery show, which includes big-nameartists like Barry McGee, Karen Kimmel, Harvery Pekar, Tierney Gearnon,Shepard Fairey, Roman Coppola and hundreds more, is conveniently justblocks from the Kodak Theater where the Academy Awards take place. Allthese vitally vibrant and inspiring events are being produced by thesuccessful team behind Manifest Hope, which was instrumental in getting Barack Obama the presidency. There isalso an online art contest focusing on the themes equality, justice,respect, unity, civil rights and love, that will be judged by MayorAntonio Villaraigosa, Ann Philbin of the Hammer Museum, Vogue's LisaLove, Shepard Fairey, Ed Ruscha, Lari Pittman and others. Submityour art, your voice, your money and your time to the most importantcause I think of.