Often photographed wearing revealing get-ups and a pair of sky-high Lucite heels, former Playboy playmate Shauna Sand-Lamas clearly isn't shy. No surprise, then, that after a sex tape she made was leaked to adult entertainment purveyors, Vivid, she briefly tried to block the video's release before eventually signing off on Shauna Sand Exposed. "I'm not ashamed," the thrice-divorced (her second husband was Lorenzo Lamas) model told Reality Bites in a recent interview. Here, Sand-Lamas, who is currently filming German reality show Exclusive, weighs in on other topics including the letter she penned to dethroned Miss California Carrie Prejean, tips for walking in stilettos, her purported affair with her stepson, and why she's none too pleased with Star magazine and E!.    
You're doing a reality show for German TV right now?

Yeah, I'm really well-known there. I'm actually more well-known in France. I'm extremely famous there because I speak French. I did a TV show in July in France and I actually work, like, once a week, doing photo shoots in Los Angeles and those photographs are sent straight to Paris with my French agency. Since July, I've been on like, two magazine covers there a week.

Why do you think you've been so successful in Europe?

Well, I'd say my fame in Germany is comparable to what it is in America. But I speak French, and in France, it's very rare for an American to speak perfect French. I still have an accent, which is really charming. It's like Brigitte Bardot speaking English with her sexy French accent. Plus, I'm a playmate, plus I'm blond. Well, not really -- but because of highlights, I am. But they have a dream, like the American dream, to come to America to do acting, and modeling, and Playboy. So I'm very successful there.

Why did you decide to release your sex tape to Vivid?

I didn't want to deal with an expensive, stressful lawsuit. I cannot stand going to court. I've been married three times, and with my divorce from [Lamas] I lived in court for four years. It was probably one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life, and I just didn't want to go through that stress again. I was pretty upset the initial week that I was dealing with the shock of the sex tape getting out there, but I tried to find a positive way of looking at it, a lucrative way of looking at it. I made it with my ex-boyfriend who I had such an amazing chemistry with. I don't know if I'll ever find that again in this lifetime. We were on vacation, and it was so passionate and so romantic, and we were really in love.

How did the tape get leaked?

I don't know. I've been living in hotels for about eight months, in Miami and Paris and now Los Angeles. There are so many people that work in hotels who are in and out of your room. I can't blame anyone because I don't have 100% proof, but let's just say I'm missing a lot of expensive, personal belongings. Basically, I haven't been living in secure places.

When it came out that Carrie Prejean had made sex tapes, you wrote her a letter encouraging her to release them. Did she respond to you?

No. I never got a response.

If you could talk to her, what would you say?

I would tell her to go ahead and release [the tapes] and to be proud of what shedid. I don't know why everybody is so hung up on seeing sex in such anegative way, like it's a sin. It's beautiful, especially if you'rewith someone that you love and care about.

Where do you get your Lucite heels from?

I make them. Once I have a little more time, I'm going tolaunch the line. But right now I'm just designing shoes for myself. 

Do you ever read You're often referred to as the 'Empress of Lucite.'

[Laughs] Yeah. That site has been a fan of mine.

Do you have any tips for walking in stilettos?

I've been walking in them for so long. I was aballerina, so my balance is amazing and I'm used to being on my toesin point shoes. But I also think my stilettos are quite deceivingbecause they're so comfortable. I have three daughters, who are almostnine, 10 and 12 and even when my kids were like, two, they were able towalk in the stilettos. They're really not that high because they have aplatform so once you get used to them, they're so easy to walk in.[Wearing stilettos] is like exercising without exercising. When youwear them, you're actually working your legs and your butt and you canget beautiful muscle definition.

And you can wear them on a Segway.

The lady who rented me that Segway was having a heart attack. She waslike, 'My insurance company is going to kill me,' because I took off myhelmet and put on my stilettos. But I've never even tripped in thoseshoes. I love them. I can't walk barefoot. I'll walk barefoot in thesand on the beach, but if the sand is too hot, I'llhave my stilettos on.

How tall are you?

I'm tiny. I'm only 5'4". So I can wear [stilettos]. If I was like 5'9", it would be ridiculous.

Are you single right now?

Yes. In fact, I've broken up with the boyfriend I was in the sextape with. I've been single for three months. I've always been marriedor engaged or living with somebody. This is the first time in my life that I just felt like I needed to bealone and wait for the right person, instead of settling.I've been with the wrong people that I thought hadpotential, or people who just bought chaos to my life.... I had a third, nightmare husband from France who basically used me for agreen card and social security. It's probably my fault, because I marrypeople without really knowing them. I'm a hopeless romantic, but I think Ineed to take my time. It's OK to move in with someone, but now I'llwait like a couple weeks or a couple days to marry them.

How do you think the rumor got started that you cheated on Lorenzo with your then 18-year-old stepson, A.J. Lamas?

Well, he was my friend after I got divorced from Lorenzo. And he wasfriends with my ex-fiancé -- a different one -- and when I get separated in 2002 hewould come over and stay with me. We'd go out, and sometimes he'd betoo tired to drive home so he'd stay over. I think that gotmisconstrued. 'Oh, he's sleeping at her place' turned into, 'He'shaving sex with her.' It really, really aggravated me because E! and Starmagazine just took that and ran with it. Scandal and controversy sells.So they put that story on the cover of Star, which E! used to promote [Lorenzo Lamas' E! reality series Leave it to Lamas]. I thought that was disgusting.There are certain things I'm OK with exaggerating for good drama orgood reality TV, but when you're going to take it and make me look bad?I was really mad. They put it outthere and I'm going to have to defend myself for the rest of my life.And I will. It's part of the business.

That seems like a wise attitude to have.

Every dayit's something new. And you can laugh at it because you know it's notthe person you are inside. I have good morals and ethics and values andI'm really a family person. Just because I have a sex tape out there,or just because people said I slept with my stepson, doesn't mean thatI'm not a good-hearted person. You have to look at it like, 'If they'retalking about me, then that's great. If they care enough to talk aboutme, then that's amazing.' The minute that they stop, is the day I can beworried.

Shauna Sand-Lamas will appear at Rick's Cabaret-NYC, on Thursday, January 21, from 6-8 p.m. to sign DVDs of Shauna Sand Exposed. 50 W. 33rd St., (212) 372-0850. 

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