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"Thank you for the greatest show you've ever seen!" screamedelectronica goddess Merrill Nisker, aka Peaches,before stepping off the stage Saturday night at Terminal 5. Never one for modesty, the 43-year-old formerelementary school teacher known for her provocative performances,explicit lyrics, and all around bad-ass allure, put on a great show with Brooklyn'sJessica 6 and Philly's self-proclaimed "hottest-muthafucka-on-the-whole-damn-block"Amanda Blank. Backed by her Berlin-based band Sweet Machine, Peaches' set and doubleencore were a sexually-charged gender-bending spectacular that featured allof her classics. The crowd went wild for numbers like "Operate,""Boys Wanna Be Her," and, of course, feel-good, sing-along hit "Fuckthe Pain Away."  She also rocked an array of colorfulcostumes that would put Lady Gaga to shame, and for her final song, "Set it Off," she wore a revealing nude bodysuit and a ghetto fab chain.  "New York is the most open-minded city," she teased,before encouraging the audience with a chant of "shirts come off,shirts, shirts come off!" Lo and behold, shirts came off.