[Pictures from "Ladies Night" at Vermont House, May 23, 2009, LA]

"This house has a weird propensity for not getting shut down. Theneighborhood is full of people who are either OK with it, or they'rereal criminals. Like really, really bad. We live next door to basicallya whorehouse crack den. They are not nice people and they kind of absorbmost of the police action. I mean, who are they going to bust, thegangbangers or sweet indie nerds? New levels of patience have definitelydeveloped within me from living in Silent Barn. It's not for everyone,but this is what making art is all about... I'm constantly inspired bythis house and the people who come through it. With a venue that's alsoa house, there's this intimacy between the audience and the band. Peopleare more comfortable, there aren't security guards yelling at you. Itmakes sense that people seek out this kind of thing even though it'sfilthy and crazy. All the residents in the house have rooms with doorswe can close, but the walls are pretty thin. I've slept through theloudest shows imaginable. It kind of turns into this white noise thingand ends up being weirdly soothing. When everything gets really crazy,there's actually a plateau of craziness that's reached that sort oflulls me to sleep."

Dustin Krapes: Vermont House, Los Angeles, CA
Natron Donnel: Greenhouse, Seattle, WA
Brian Blomerth: The Church of Crystal Light, Richmond, VA