[Pictures from "Ladies Night" at Vermont House, May 23, 2009, LA]

"To get to Vermont House, you have to go behind this shoe store onVermont Avenue called Vermont Shoes. There's a parking lot in the back,that's where the DJs play usually. There are some stairs that go upabove the shoe store, that's where we live, and the bands generally playin our living room. Before we started throwing shows, we bought pizzasand took them to all the neighbors... we haven't had much trouble sincethen. [But] we can only throw shows on Saturdays, because the landlorddoesn't work on Sundays so we have time to clean up on Sunday. One time,Crystal Antlers was playing in the living room, and my band Halloween Swim Team played right before them, and we basically set up in mybedroom -- the drummer had set up his drums on my bed, there were ampson my dressers, and people were standing on my desk. That was prettyfun. I am definitely willing to live with a dirty carpet in order tohave a good show at the house. In the living room there are stairs thatlead down to a small bedroom, and people have fallen down those stairs-- one of my bandmates' ex-girlfriends once fell down the outside stairsand got a black eye."

G. Lucas Crane: Silent Barn, Ridgewood, NY
Natron Donnel: Greenhouse, Seattle, WA
Brian Blomerth: The Church of Crystal Light, Richmond, VA