This is The Baroness: a latex-loving dame that I've unofficially dubbed Mother of the House of Glam Puss Fetish. She hosts a monthly party (now in its 10th year) where the tag line reads "A safe place to do dangerous things." But don't be scared -- with all her wit and kitten-ish charms, she has seductress powers that will have you at "Hello." Her style is like Pat Field meets Vivienne Westwood meets Auntie Mame with a dash of fetish drag (complete with whip and nipple clamps). Sporting her legendary hot pink and magenta "Medusa-Seduce-a" hair, back scratching nails, Neptune style jewels, bedazzled Lucite heels and her self-designed latex suits (check out all her customized pieces here), The Baroness is always in glam mode.

I spotted The Baroness with her leashed boy-toy a few weeks ago while having drinks at The Wine Bar in the East Village. She was next door hosting a chic, fetish fete at Cucina Italiana, filled with her latex ladies and otherworldly, underworld aristocrats in formal attire. Gathering there to launch the official start of NYC's Fetish Week, they proceeded to walk an unorthodox parade to 40C on Avenue C, led by baton-twirling Miss Dante Posh, who had a full-on Majorette look going for her.

You can experience The Baroness, along with Editrix Abby and Xris SMack!, at her new party OBJECTify every Sunday night at The Delancey. While her typical party-attitude is "free [admission] if you look Faaabulous!," making an effort will only get you a $10 off the $20 fee. Oh well. New economy, new rules!