Ohh shit! Every time I'm in an airport, I think about the worst experience I've had... I was on tour coming from Sweden and heading to L.A to record the album. They scanned my passport, and next thing I know they told me to wait in this lil room where I guess they check ya shit. But I'm sitting their, like wonderin what's the problem. lol! So before I knew it, LAPD was coming to get me. LET ME SAY IT AGAIN. THE MOTHERFUCKIN LAPD. I was reported as a missing child. I'm like, 'hold up. Could this be a prank? Did a hater do this??'

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So I'm sittin their along with Nick (my assistant) and we didn't understand. lol! So I'm like, 'I can't go to fuckin jail in no L.A. I'm no missing child -- I have a loving family that I would not run away from.' hahahahahaha! So they said they couldn't let us leave until they spoke to my mom. Then they kept saying me and Nick was in a relationship and just wanted to believe what they fucking wanted. They thought we stole our parents shit and ditched. Asking questions like 'what are you coming here for? Why are you coming from Sweden? Y'all are staying at this expensive hotel. Who's paying for it???' Then they wanted a whole arm and a leg from my mother. They wanted her to fax her ID and get in touch with the Baltimore police so that they can clear it that I'm not a missing child. But it all had to be done by a certain time or they was going to keep me until Monday, and it was a Friday. I'm like, 'hell no. I would go off in this place.' So I spent dumb ass hours with the LAPD, waiting to get cleared from being a missing child. And from then on, I've never been the same with airports. I hate it. lol! And most of all, I'm glad I'm 18 now!!!! I find that sooo funny to this day, and it comes to mind whenever I'm in an airport because I couldn't believe it. Now that's a bad airport experience.

So on that note, I'll leave you guys with funny airport video to check out!