"Oh, my God, he plays such good music!" gushes a young guest at aBowery Hotel party, where a sea of cool kids is riding out the frenziedmomentum of New York Fashion Week. There are girls with headbands, boyswith beards, Hollywood starlets and international royalty. Everythingabout the scene says "of-the-moment youthfulness." And in the midst ofit all is Matt Creed, the man behind the aformentioned "such goodmusic." Where DJ Creed spins, famous faces like Mary-Kate Olsen orKirsten Dunst turn up -- no small wonder he's got a loyal following atBeatrice Inn, where he DJs on Wednesdays and Saturdays. But playingmusic for the glam set isn't all that he's got his Paul Newman-blue eyeson. He's more than just a DJ.

After plans to get an acting agent in Hollywood didn't pan out, Creedcame back to the East Coast and started writing his own films to act in.His first was a 20-minute short called Everyone's Crazy, based on ascreenplay he co-wrote with Waris Ahluwalia, starring Creed in the leadrole. Later, he teamed up with Andrew Simkiss, another youngwriter-director, to create Up the River -- a freewheeling productioncompany that puts out single-frame scenes directed by Simkiss,co-written by Creed (with Simkiss) and featuring various of their mutualfriends (Gibby Haynes is a recurring guest). "I've done so manydifferent things, but it all led to where I'm at now. I always wanted tomake movies," says the 25-year-old auteur-in-the-making. "My main thingnow is directing, writing and acting."

Matt wears a shirtby Tim Hamilton and jeans by Earnest Sewn.