Marc JacobsThere are only two words that will drag me out of bed at 8 a.m during Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs. Add Anna Wintour to that list and I'm sprinting, not walking, out of my apartment, hopping into cab, and speeding down Fifth Avenue. That's exactly what happened this morning when I and a handful of other reporters made our way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to hear all about an upcoming exhibit: The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion. Wintour and Hamish Bowles, also of Vogue, were on hand for the brief press conference to discuss the exhibit which will debut on May 6. It is sponsored by Marc Jacobs the company, and thus Marc Jacobs the man was on hand to talk about it. His speech was precise and pertinent and he ended it perfectly saying, "I agree whole heartedly with Yves Saint Laurent's quote: 'A good model can advance fashion by 10 years.'" Of course I had to hunt him down afterwards to ask him a few questions. I was a little star struck, so please excuse the paltry few questions I was able to muster up!

Please tell us about your amazing Hermes bag!
Yeah! I have a purple Birkin bag.

It finishes off your outfit well. How do you look this amazing this early?
Thank you! That's very sweet. I'm don't know how fabulous I look. I'm just on my way to the gym so I'm a bit of a mess!

My last question -- how are you feeling this Fashion Week?

I feel good. I'm happy that our two shows are over and now I leave for Paris this afternoon to work on Louis Vuitton.