Once again, Robert Wilson has proved that he consistently throws the best events in the Hamptons. Where else than at the Watermill Center can you expect to see Rufus Wainwright get on stage and sing about fucking assholes and be followed by Jessey Norman singing "Summertime," all while Amanda Hearst is lounging in Lanvin on the grass? I mean, really. The Last Song of Summer Concert is the latest addition to the Watermill Center's repertoire of events and they held the very first one this weekend and it was damn brilliant.

The line-up was spectacular, a music lover's quirky dream come true. Daniel Knox opened the show with his mix of exceptionally beautiful musical composition juxtaposed with disaster-based lyrics. I have never heard a song about cancer and syphilis sound so sweet. Come to think of it, I've never heard a song about cancer and syphilis. Don't worry, it was not as despondent as it sounds.

Then came the darling Rufus Wainwright, who charmed the audience with his trademark cheeky warble. And after Rufus came Jessye Norman, whose sheer vocal power awoke all the flying insects from within the forest causing them to buzz around for her entire set. Then, Wainwright came on again to perform with his mother, Kate McGarrigle, his aunt, Anna McGarrigle, and his sister, Martha.

And intimate doesn't even begin to describe the setting. Imagine a tiny stage, no bigger than 20x20 with only a sole piano on it, in the middle of the woods and few hundred East Enders, including Isabella Rosselini, Calvin Klein, Dalia Oberlander, Lisa Anastos and Luigi Tadini, laying around on towels on the grass taking it all in.

Now, that's what I call a party.


Rufus Wainwright and Jessye Norman


Rufus Wainwright and Jessye Norman

Christian Wassmann, Luisa Gui and Dmitry Komis

Luigi Tadini

Daniel Knox


The setting