They are usually nonchalant, but last night the old men who chill in front of Kenton Hall Addiction Center on the Bowery couldn't stop staring at the entrance of the Bowery Hotel next door. They had good reason. From 7 p.m. on, a steady stream of gorgeous models, socialites and Vogue staffers went in and out. They were there to celebrate the launch of Model.Live, Vogue's innovative online reality series which tracks three models on their quest to "making it." In the series, the girls, Austria Alcantara of the Dominican Republic, Cato van Ee of Amsterdam and Madeline Kragh of North Carolina, give us an intimate look at their journey, from their last day at home to their first day on the catwalks. In real life, the girls mixed and mingled with the pre-Fashion Week crowd which included everyone from IMG vice president, Fern Mallis and Duckie Brown publicity director, Max Stein, to celebrity stylists Philip Bloch and Robert Verdi. Those two were huddled in a corner chatting all night. About what? All the beautiful people in the crowd.