Is seven the world's luckiest number? Maybe for those sexy jeans, found at the 7 For All Mankind shop that had a major VOGUE sponsored party last night featuring Tim Mantoani's photographs of famous photographers with their fave snaps. Seven is the number of dots on a ladybug, what more proof do you need? I boldly asked legend Mary Ellen Mark if she thought PAPER was still cutting edge. She responded, "I love PAPER! It has a special energy all its own!" Kenny Scharf was the next cornered legend, asking him, "Where do you draw the line?" His response was, "I don't. I squiggle... And I love PAPER and its editor, Kim!" In next was the summer, fall, winter, and spring beauty Kelly Killoran Bensimon, who's always showing love for PAPER and "all mankind"! Gossip Girl stars Jessica Szohr and Nicole Fiscelle came in their 7s, as did CariDee English. I just threw out seven famous names fast, but there were many many more at this spirited party on a dreary, rainy New York night.


Tim Mantoani and Mary Ellen Mark


Tim Mantoani and Mary Ellen Mark

Dylan Lauren

Kenny Scharf (right) and friend

Chau Ngo

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

JP and Paul Sevigny

Faran Krentcil (right) and friend

Erin Lucas

Tony (Paulie Walnuts) Sirico

Nicole Fiscella

Noa Tishby

CariDee English

Jessica Szohr

Gillian and Sylvester Miniter