The Frank Gehry-designed IAC Building in way, way, West Chelsea reminded me of a gigantic Chinese paper lantern, but then again, things often remind me of PAPER! The BVLGARI Diagano watch reminds me that I would like to have one instead of my tired old Rolex! Spotted: Kristian Laliberte, with ten minutes left till his birthday when I left him partying with the Blackbook folks… Vogue intern/Ranger Sean Avery, with Derek Blasberg in tow... Amy Sacco, who only had to walk around the corner from her boites to attend... And Melissa Berkelhammer, who said she checks out “About Last Night…” which made us happy.


Alessandra Balazs and Kristian Laliberte


Alessandra Balazs and Kristian Laliberte

Kristian Laliberte, Logan Elsass, Nick Haramis and friend

Amy Sacco

Christine de Lassus (right) and friend

Melissa Berkelhammer

A BVLGARI Diagano watch

Caroline Kallback

Amanda Gerth and Tommy Saleh

Emma Snowdon Jones

The IAC building