Katrina Bowden, with her long, Pantene-commercial-style blonde hair andshorty-shorts is somewhat of a ray of sunshine amid her frumpy (in thenicest way!) cast mates on 30 Rock. And though her characterCerie looks like she could be the fifth Hills girl (in thenicest way!), Bowden ain't no ditz. As all the side characters (Kenneth,Josh, Topher, et. al) are beginning to come into their own, Cerie, too,is becoming a more integral part of the show and Bowden has trulymastered the art of playing a totally un-self aware, blasé assistant.There is nothing neurotic or self-deprecating about her -- she is theantithesis to the frazzled Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey. Now that Cerie isengaged we have high hopes for her, character-development-wise, and areexcited that we will be seeing more of Ms. Bowden, as she stars inupcoming films The Sex Drive and Ratko: The Dictator's Son. We recently caught up withher for a quick Q&A.

Alexis Swerdloff: I saw on your Wikipedia page that yourcharacter's full name is Cerie Xerox. Is this true?

KatrinaBowden: It's never been officially stated on the show, but yes, herlast name is Xerox. [Executive producer] Robert Carlock wanted like afunny wealthy name, like I'm the Xerox heiress. I hope they incorporateit later on. Maybe when I get married...

AS: How did you land the role? What was the audition process?

KB: Basically, I wasn't in the pilot episode; they had castanother girl to play Cerie. But I knew the casting director and knewthey were re-casting the role, so I read with Tina. The next day, theyoffered me the part. The first table read was so nerve-racking. I wasrunning late and when I got there, it was the silliest thing -- I didn'tknow what Tracy Morgan or Alec Baldwin looked like. So I got there and Iwas so nervous and so embarrassed, I was the new girl, but then everyoneturned out to be super nice and treated me like one of the family. Andyes, I figured out which one was Alec Baldwin fairly quickly.

AS: Was it like a big happy reunion when you all returned tothe show after the writers' strike?

KB: Yeah it was great.Right before we went back, we had all been at the SAG Awards, it waslike a precursor.

AS: Can you give us a hint as to what's in store for Ceriethis season?

KB: I have no idea. I know they'll probablyprolong my engagement as long as possible.

AS: You're kind of the straight guy on the show and havereally mastered the art of the deadpan delivery. KB:: Yeah, Iwas told I was the type of girl who didn't care about job, didn'tacknowledge that it was a cool job. It was part my doing and Tina'stalking to me about the character. Cerie is not dumb, but she's flighty,she doesn't have a care in the world.

AS: Compare your style to Ceries's.

KB: There reallyis no comparison. I do not dress like that in real life. I mean, whenthe show first came out, people would see me out and say, ‘You're notdressed like her, I don't recognize you like that.' I dress a lot moreconservatively. And would never even wear some of those outfits to thegym.

AS: Have they ever asked you to wear something that you'vefelt uncomfortable in?

KB: Um no. They've never asked me towear anything that's been too out there. One time I had tobasically wear like underwear and a poncho, but it was a small scene.

AS:Tell me about The Sex Drive?

KB: It's silly, fun lighthearted comedy that I just finishedin Florida with James Marsden. It's kind of like that John Cusack movieA Sure Thing.

30 Rock airs tonight on NBC.