Dynasty Handbag, aka Jibz Cameron, sings, dances and carries onconversations with plastic grocery bags. She also creates goofy, candidshows about what it's like to be an individual in today's world.

Born and raised near a Northern California hippie commune (sheparticipated but did not live there), Cameron moved to San Franciscowhen she was 15. There she dove into the early '90s punk scene andstarted to sing in a '60s trash band called the Roofies. "I sort offreaked on stage," Cameron recalls of her experience with the band. "Isang a lot of really inappropriate and provocative lyrics."

Later, she formed her own band called Dynasty. And out of that, cameDynasty Handbag. "Dynasty Handbag was sort of my side project," sheexplains, "for the songs I'd written for Dynasty but [that] didn't getused.” (Just for the record, her first Dynasty Handbag show was in 2002at Ladyfest in San Francisco, long before Saturday Night Liveappropriated the name for one of its skits.)

Since her 2004 move to New York, she has performed regularly on theunderground noise-music and queer-performance circuits. In January, shepresented a program at Dance Theater Workshop in which a plastic grocerybag told her what to do while she was dancing: "Now you're a pizza chef,now you're a tiger, now a rainbow,” as Cameron describes. Ultimately,the bag told her to turn into Mick Jagger, prompting a "Mick Jagger witha dagger" dance.
Tom Murrin

Styled by Paul Johnson-Calderon. Makeup by Greg Bfor de facto using NARS. Photographed at Thom Bar in the 60 ThompsonHotel.