I don't know if anyone else is aware of the punk movement that is currently taking place in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and now Baltimore, but it kicks major ass. Bands like Matt and Kim, Japanther, Best Fwends, Ponytail, No Age, Dan Deacon and my new favorites, The Death Set, are all part of this.

Basically what these bands all have in common is minimal instrumental use (or talent for that matter), but maximum distortion and frenzied energy. Best Fwends only use two mics and an ipod, while Matt and Kim use only synthesizers and a drum kit. These bands are generally comprised of just two members, but they consistently bring the house down. And I mean that literally -- most of these bands' live shows include people hanging from the rafters.

While I love all of these bands equally, The Death Set have really impressed me lately. These two boys from Baltimore use nothing but an ipod, some guiters and distorted mics including telephone-mics just like Japanther. The vocals are high-pitched to the point of sounding pre-pubescent, but the lyrics beg to take a bite out of you and the energy is just how you want it to be -- relentless.

Check out this mp3 below and more on their MySpace page. Then go see them August 17th at the Grasslands in Brooklyn, but be careful! People often end up bloody after their shows.

The Death Set - Paranoia mp3