20 Things Lady Gaga's Perfume Might Smell Like

by Justin Moran
[Photo via]

After the success of her first perfume, "Fame," Lady Gaga announced that she'll be releasing a follow-up unisex scent called "Eau De Gaga." Although little is currently known about the fragrance, she took to her twitter to explain that it was inspired by "the adventurous woman and the man who loves her," whatever that means. She added that it is an "extremely sexy and arousing smell for all genders. Alluring and ready for sex." Ready for sex? To Gaga, this could really mean anything, so we've compiled a list of 20 scents that "Eau De Gaga" could potentially smell like.

1. Unicorn vagina

2. Terry Richardson's bedsheets
3. Bi-curious teenage angst

4. Tony Bennett's dress socks

5. Eyelash glue

6. R. Kelly's court papers

7. Spaghetti and meatballs

8. French bulldogs

9. Donatella Versace's tanning oil

10. Jeff Koons' crying assistants

11. Cannabis lube

12. Hydrogen peroxide

13. A green weave

14. Taylor Kinney's gym shorts

15. Used boob tape

16. The MTA

17. Madonna hate mail
18. Raw meat

19. Kermit the Frog

20. Sweaty leotards

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