1960s Skateboarders + Photos of Bill Murray As FDR = Eight Items Or Less

1. Check out new stills of Bill Murray as FDR in his upcoming flick, Hyde Park on Hudson. [Collider/Vulture]

Photo credit: Bill Eppridge/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

2. How fun are these LIFE photos of people skateboarding in New York in the '60s?  Though the boarder isn't in Volcom, with his hipster glasses and pork pie hat, it could be Williamsburg! [Huffington Post]

3.  Apparently teenage girls are linguistic trendsetters, like, you know? [NY Times]

4. The Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, has a banner of Jeremy Lin on its homepage.  Linsanity! [Weibo]

5. We love this t-shirt. LOLZ [Laughing Squid]

6. So it looks like Snooks might actually be preggers. [Gawker]

7. Yikes.  Apparently the body of a man shot to death was found outside a house in Miami that Rick Ross owns. [Huffington Post]

8. Whoa!  A ninetysomething Chinese woman, presumed to be dead, reemerged from her casket after lying there for five days while friends and family came to pay their respects, as is tradition. [Daily What]

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