14 Photos of David Bowie Looking Like a Robot

When we recently read that Ridley Scott loosely modeled Prometheus' robot character David (played by Michael Fassbender) off of David Bowie, we started poking around for images of Bowie looking particularly bot-ish. These were a lot harder to find than we thought! Does having one permanently-dilated pupil, staring of into space and possibly being on a lot drugs automatically make someone look like a robot in a photo? And does it count if that person is simultaneously trying to look like an androgynous alien rock star? That's different than a robot. What about when that person simply looks like Tilda Swinton? In the end, we settled on the images below as being most truly bot-like. So in honor of Prometheus' release today (are you seeing it tonight? We are, we are!), here are 14 photos of David Bowie looking like springs and smoke might shoot out of his ears if you spilled a glass of water on him.

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