100 Gifts for $100 or Less

Alexis Swerdloff

We spent the past 24 hours doing nothing but trolling the Internet for the best gift-appropriate goodies for 100 clams or less. Here is what we dug up:

1. Backpack In the Day, $69.99, available at Mod Cloth.

2. Amber Ibarreche "Gemz" 11 x 17 print, $50, available at Amber Ibarreche online store.

3. Intelligentsia Coffee Pourover Gift Box, $65, available at Intelligentsia Coffee.

4. ABITAX Wool iPad Case in Mint, $75, available at Creatures of Comfort.

5. Sports Tee, $26, available at Park Life.

6. Kiki Smith Pillowcase Set, $85, available at the Brooklyn Museum.

7. Ettinger X Monocle Shoehorns, £50, available at the Monocle Shop.

8. Jansen+Co. "My Teapot," $64, available at A+R.

9. Golf Wang, by Odd Future, $29.99, available at Family Los Angeles.

10. Artist Bec Brittain's Acoaxet Bangles, $55 each, available at Sight Unseen.

11. Mason Pearson Brush, $99, available at Drugstore.com.

12. Wiggly Eye Dice, Handmade by Leafcutter Designs, $12, available at The Curiosity Shoppe.

13. Coop's Hot Fudge, $9.99, available at Abe's Market.

14. Artist Peter Feigenbaum's "Vacant Tile," $100, available at Fuse Works.

15. Tiny Furniture, a Film by Lena Dunham, $23.96, available at Criterion.

16. Conure Rug, $78, available at Anthropologie.

17. Butt-Head "Shocked" T-shirt by Stussy, $36, available at Stussy.

18. LaLESSO Beach Samaki Dress, $85, available at L-Attitude.

19. Marimekko Kattila Tea Towel, $29, available at Marimekko.

20. Roku Streaming Player, $49.99, available at Roku.com.

21. What the Hell Are You Doing?: The Essential David Shrigley, $35, available at WORD Brooklyn.

22. Kate Spade Hedgehog Coin Purse, $95, available at Kate Spade.

23 & 24. Barry McGee Bike Seat by Cinelli, $80 & Barry McGee "Art in the Streets" Poster, $10, available at the MOCA Store.

25. Grandma Grandpa Cook, edited by Yeung Yang, $37.50, available at Park Life.

26. Limited-Edition Diptyque Winter Coffret, $84, available at Diptyque.com.

27. DeLonghi Deep Fryer, $89.99, available at Amazon.com.

28. Jonathan Adler Brass Peacock Letter Opener, $98, available at Jonathan Adler.

29. L'Agent Luxury Soap On A Rope, $45, available at Agent Provocateur.

30. Steven Alan Cashmere Beanie, $98, available at Steven Alan.

31. Artist Armando Ramos' Porcelain Door Stop, $20, available at The Curiosity Shoppe.

32. On the Rocks Cocktail Shaker, $24.99, available at Fred Flare.

33. Vaclav & Lena: A Novel, By Haley Tanner, $15.67, available at Barnes & Noble.

34. 1 Year of Netflix, $95.88, available at Netflix.com.

35. Willowherb Rolling Pin, $18, available at Anthropologie.

36. ANYTHING Alarm Clock, $69, available at Matter.

37. Frankies 457 Olive Oil, $27, available at Merlin Merchant.

38. Yuck Book + three b-side 45's + Deluxe 'Yuck' Double LP + Yuck Tote Bag, $40, available at Fat Possum.

39. Chako Dumpling Bag, $45, available at L-Attitude.

40. G Train Christmas Tree Ornament, $16, available at the Transit Museum Gift Shop.

41. What Me Worry By Andrew Kuo, $49.95, available at the Standard Hotels Gift Shop.

42. The Film Forum Fashion DVD Gift Set featuring Bill Cunningham New York, Valentino: The Last Emperor and Lagerfeld Confidential, $60, available at Film Forum.

43. Rogues Gallery Bowdoin Sweater, $68, available at Rogues Gallery.

44. Art in the Age Snap Organic Liqueur, $29.99, available at Hi-Time Wine.

45. Mini Cupcake Maker, $38, available at Fred Flare.

46. Hello Kitty x Friends With You "Wish Come True" Snow Globe, $49.50, available at Friends With You.

47. "Let's Get Old Together" Print by DEADWEIGHT, $12, available at Etsy.

48. iStuck Bubble Gum Phone Stand, $5.99, available at
Think Geek.

49. Swatch Watch in Berry Cherry, $50, available at Swatch.

50. Top Shop Black Faux Fur Bow Detail Earmuffs, $28, available at Top Shop.

51. 30 Rock "Blurgh!" T-Shirt, $26, available at the NBC Universal Store.

52. Billykirk No. 240 Trucker Key Fob, $60, available at Billykirk.

53. Momofuku Milk Bar Cookbook By Christina Tosi, $20.58, available at Amazon.com.

54. J. Crew Saturday Pants, $49.50, available at J. Crew.

55. John Fahey Your Past Comes Back To Haunt You Box Set, $69.68, available at Amazon.com.

56. Breeze Mobile, $75, available at the SF MoMA Gift Store.

57. Havaianas x Ace Hotel Flip Flops, $25, available at the Ace Hotel Shop.

58. AntWorks Space Age Ant Habitat, $39.99, available at Think Geek.

59. Unif "Suck My Richard" Sleeveless Crew Neck, $54, available at Unif.

60. "I Am Busy" Rirkrit Tiravanija Towel, $95, available at Works on Whatever.

61. Mollusk Fish Crew, $45, available at Mollusk Surf Shop.

62. Opening Ceremony Bubble Umbrella, $25, available at Opening Ceremony.

63. Is it Art or Fart? by Anonymous, $15, available at Picturebox.

64. Best Made Co. Hand-Knit Alpaca Hushabye Baby Axe, $90, available at Best Made Co.

65. Bridesmaids DVD, $14.99, available at Amazon.com.

66. Madewell Metallic Telegram Pocket Pouch, $28, available at Madewell.

67. Happy Socks X Opening Ceremony Gift Box, $50, available at Opening Ceremony.

68. BUTT 2012 Weekly Calendar, $21, available at Walker Shop.

69. NOOK Simple Touch, $99, available at Barnes & Noble.

70. L.L. Bean Men's Irish Lambswool Scarf, $39, available at L.L. Bean.
71. ASOS Multi Pom Pom Mitten, $10.91, available at ASOS.

72. Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane by Andrew Graham-Dixon, $34.54, available at Barnes & Noble.

73. Marshall Reese & Nora Ligorano F**k Snow Globe, $60, available at Fuse Works.

74. Hexagon Ring by Gabriela Artigas, $70, available at Steven Alan.

75. WeSC x Standard Phone Case, $35, available at the Standard Hotels Gift Shop.

76. Green Striped Bearded Beanie by Taraduff, $49, available at Etsy.

77. Friday Night Lights Complete Series and Dillon Panthers Sweatshirt Stadium Blanket, $99.98, available at the NBC Universal Store.

78. Ceramic Hip Flask by Alexena Cayless, $49, available at gselect.

79. John Baldessari Magnetic Poetry Set, $15, available at the LACMA Shop.

80. Adidas By Stella McCartney Yoga Mat, $49, available at Net-A-Porter.

81. Surface to Air Loop Belt, $100, available at Gargyle.

82. Saul Steinberg, "20 Americans" poster, $44.99, available at Allposters.com.

83. A.P.C. Pope Denim Bag, $25, available at A.P.C.

84. SodaStream Home Soda Maker Kit, $99, available at Brookstone.

85. Ladybug Earbuds, $16, available at the MoMA Store.

86. Chance Beach Shorts, $45, available at Chance.

87. Upper Playground T-Shirt, $24, available at Upper Playground.

88. Dreamcats 2012 Calendar, $30, available at Fieldguided.

89. "Nice Parking Jackass" Cards, $13.95, available at Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store.

90. Vivian Maier: Street Photographer, $39.95, available at powerHouse.

91. Jem and the Holograms: The Truly Outrageous Complete Series, 11 DVD Set, $44.99, available at Amazon.com.

92. Atelier de Geste Blood/Sweat/Tears Eau de Parfum 30ml, $65, available at End of Century.

93. Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Bow Brooch, $59, available at Farfetch.

94. Numark Portable Vinyl-Archiving USB Turntable Bundle, $99, available at Permanent Records, Greenpoint.

95. Baggu MOCIUN Tote, $12, available at TENOVERSIX.

96. The Album Cover Art Of Studio One Records, $42, available at Turntable Lab.

97. BAM Cinema Club Membership, $70, available at BAM.

98. D.R. Harris & Co. Ltd. Shorthead Bone Handled Toothbrush, $20, available at Unionmade.

99. Philipp Keel's Simple Diary, $15 each, available at Taschen.

100. BKc Pull-Over Shawl Collar Sweater Green, $90, available at The Brooklyn Circus.

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