As the era of Leno and Letterman makes way for a new generation that looks to Fallon and Colbert, a full shift in comedic perspective and authority is taking place. And between podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, and a revitalized late-night landscape, comedy is enjoying a unique period of prevalence and success. Along with the likes of Jimmy and Stephen, here's a collection of ten stand-up comedians that will helm the comedy world for a new generation.

Nate Bargatze

Current City: LA
Twitter: @NateBargatze
Best Bit: His album's eponymous joke about growing up as the son of a clown -- "Have you ever been yelled at by a clown? It's confusing."
Latest Album: Yelled at by a Clown

Nate Bargatze recently performed across the country as a featured stand-up on Jimmy Fallon's Clean Cut Comedy Tour. See why Fallon -- and Conan -- is such a huge fan here, with this performance from Conan.

Jerrod Carmichael

Current City: LA
Best Bit: His bit about Chik-Fil-A and homophobia is understated and brilliant.
Latest Album: N/A

Jerrod Carmichael's hour-long HBO special will be taped at The Comedy Store in New York in a few weeks and will be released later this year.

Michael Che

Current City: New York
Twitter: @CheThinks
Best Bit: His joke about how much money we owe to China -- "We? I don't owe China anything."
Latest Album: N/A

Michael Che's rise in the comedy scene has been meteoric: he started doing comedy in 2009, now he's a widely-acclaimed stand-up and writer on SNL. And in the time since I started writing this article, he's been hired as the newest correspondent at The Daily Show, where he'll start in June. Check out this recent performance he did for the BBC in the UK, above.

Jena Friedman

Current City: NYC
Twitter: @JenaFriedman
Best Bit: "My friend asked me if I was seeing anyone and I was like, 'No, but on the way over here a crazy person chased me into the subway... So, I still got it.'"
Latest Album: N/A

Jena Friedman has written for the Late Show with David Letterman and is currently a producer on The Daily Show. Watch this set from last fall at The Stand in NYC, above.

Ron Funches

Current City: LA
Twitter: @RonFunches
Best Bit: His bit about the dancing Hispanic child in the adjacent apartment complex to his home is delivered in such a unique voice -- you haven't seen jokes told like this before.'
Latest Album: N/A

Ron Funches has appeared on Kroll Show, Conan, and New Girl. Hear his signature tone and delivery here, with this set from the Laugh Factory.

Emily Heller

Current City: LA
Twitter: @MrEmilyHeller
Best Bit: "The only thing that concerns me about gaining weight so quickly is that I've been watching that show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."
Latest Album: N/A

UCB alum, writer on FOX's Surviving Jack, and veteran of John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show, Emily Heller has risen through the comedy ranks quickly in recent years. And her ascent is set to continue -- watch her perform on Conan (above) to understand why.

Ian Karmel

Current City: LA
Twitter: @IanKarmel
Best Bit: "I found out I was sad the other day. You know how? I was at a Jack in the Box."
Latest Album: N/A

A regular on Chelsea Lately, Ian Karmel has also performed in his home city on Portlandia. Watch his performance from last month on Conan, above.

Gabe Liedman

Current City: LA
Twitter: @gabeliedman
Best Bit: "My one complaint about LA is that the weed here is WAY too strong."
Latest Album: Hiyeeee!!

Gabe Liedman writes for Inside Amy Shumer, Kroll Show, Billy on the Street, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Check out his recent performance on The Pete Holmes Show, above.

Rory Scovel

Current City: LA
Twitter: @roryscovel
Best Bit: All you need is the setup -- "...You guys ever steal an old person?"
Latest Album: Live at Third Man Records

A South Carolina native, Rory Scovel has recently performed on The Late Late Show, Conan, and Late Night. Watch this bit about yes, stealing an old person.

Nick Thune

Current City: LA
Twitter: @nickthune
Best Bit: "I Bcc Stevie Wonder on all my emails."
Latest Album: Folk Hero

Following in the one-liner footsteps of Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, and Demetri Martin, Nick Thune carves out a unique place for himself in the comedy world. Accompanied with a guitar, watch him perform at Montreal's Just For Laughs Festival above.

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