10 Reasons We're Watching 300: Rise of an Empire This Weekend

by Sarah Bellman
We had absolutely no interest in going to see 300: Rise of an Empire when it opened this past weekend but after hearing reviews from some, uh, reliable sources (read: our friends who were coerced by their boyfriends to go), we've changed our minds. Here's 10 reasons why we've decided to give it a shot.
  1. Is it getting hot in here?

2. Yes, yes it is.

  3. Jesus, take the wheel. 

4. God, they are even hot close up!

5. Seriously.

6. Boom.

7. Swoon.

8. Most. Elaborate. Jockstrap. Ever. I like it.  

9. YES.

10. Yup, I'm sold.
  Bonus: We definitely have a lady boner for Eva Green. Damn, girl.

All photos courtesy of 300: Rise of an Empire's official website.

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