10 of Our Favorite First Kids Of All Time

Chiara de Blasio
Daughter to the newly inaugurated New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chiara's likes include all kinds of metal music -- thrash, heavy, Viking, death, etc -- piercings and witch hats -- some of our favorite things too. She is awesome. Period.

Amy Carter
As the only Carter spawn to live in the White House, we really watched her grow up. Which took our minds off the Iran hostage crisis.
Susan Ford
General R. Ford's youngest child and only daughter held her 1975 senior prom in the White House's East Room, now those are our kind of conservatives. Yes, we said it.
Steven Ford
How many other first kids had a re-occurring role on Young and the Restless? These Ford kids had it going on.

Rose Kennedy
Not only a first mother (JFK was her son), this legendary lady who was more Catholic then most nuns, was the daughter of John Francis "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, Mayor of Boston from 1895 to 1901. She also had nine kids.

Patti Davis
We don't think Nancy Reagan ever won any Mother of the Year Awards, but Patti Davis is our kind of Republican Mummy's nightmare -- posing in Playboy, smoking pot and running around with left wing celebrities like Jackson Browne.
John F. Kennedy Jr.
Nobody did more shorteralls then John John dancing around the Oval Office. 

Barbara and Jenna Bush
Sure, their dad fucked this country up real good, but you know you could hang with these two and swap fake ID stories.

Justin Trudeau
The eldest son of perhaps the sexiest, chicest first couple in history, Pierre Trudeau, long-serving Canadian Prime Minister, and Margaret Trudeau, a glamorous fixture at Studio 54. Justin is currently a Canadian politician and the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada -- we love a dynasty. 

Alice Roosevelt Longworth

She smoked, ran up debts playing poker, took snakes to parties, had her only child via an affair with another man, described herself as a "hedonist" to 60 Minutes and coined our favorite bitchy catchphrase of all time: "If you can't say something good about someone, sit right here by me."

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