The head-spinning amount of movies screening at SXSW this year is enough to make even the nerdiest film nerds feel overwhelmed. Our HP Mobile Park neighbor Lindsey Weber helps you digest it all with this handy-guide to 10 must-see movies this week. You can find more of her SXSW reporting on

If you're like me, you were willing to give writer/producer/director/purveyor of comedy's most powerful boys club Judd Apatow one more chance after seeing cast of upcoming Bridesmaids. Actually, "starring Kristen Wiig" is enough. Wiig leads an impressive cast (Maya Rudolph! Rose Byrne! Ellie Kemper!) in a film about...bridesmaids. Let's hope it's more My Best Friend's Wedding and less Wedding Crashers.
SCREENING ON: Sunday March 13 at 11:59PM

Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times
Andrew Rossi's documentary about the New York Times was a hit at Sundance and now makes its way south. How will a look into the nation's most sanctified print publication fare amongst the SxSW's overflowing digerati? Page One gives an all-access look inside the black-and-white guts of The Times and you know they mean business when they ask you to turn your devices off during the screening.
SCREENING ON: Friday March 11,7:00PM, March 15 9:30PM, March 16 6:30PM 

Three names: Joseph. Gordon. Levitt. Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson are also in this flick about a misfit whose devious ways bring a family together, but from what we've heard, JGL is the one to watch here. And knowing Gordon-Levitt (OK, we don't really know him) he's planning to be all over Austin during SxSW, talking about Hesher and his online community-based production company, Hit REcord. 
SCREENING ON: Sunday March 13 9:30PM, Tuesday March 15 9:30PM, March 16 6:30PM 

Any film rumored to be the "new Scream" (even though Scream 4 is in theaters soon?) is bound to be worth a watch. Teen horror-comedy Detention is a slasher flick where seniors struggle to fight a killer, if only they could get out of detention! Get it? This one's also got Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook -- as a disgruntled teacher. Fingers crossed he'll also be the killer's first victim! 
SCREENING ON: March 13 6:30PM, March 15 4:30PM, March 16 4:00PM, March 18 11:59PM 

El Bulli: Cooking in Progress
In the outskirts of Barcelona, El Bulli is perhaps the world's more desired dining reservation. That's because each season, chef Ferran Adrià and his team are known for creating a unique menu consisting of 30 courses -- carefully crafted and never repeated. Director Gereon Wetzel gets a rare look inside the kitchen and we predict audiences will not doubt be salivating in their seats. Bring a bib. 
SCREENING ON: March 12 6:00PM, March 13 6:15PM, March 15 10:00PM

My Sucky Teen Romance
While you might be thinking, "Ugh, ANOTHER vampire flick?" I'll be over here screaming, "Yes! ANOTHER vampire flick!" because honestly, can we have enough of these? (OK, other than Twilight.) We can't give up on the vampire genre because of one sparkly misstep. This one's got a sci-fi convention crawling with real, blood-sucking vamps. Ironic, eh? And, you figured it, it's up to the geeky teens in attendance to stay alive. SCREENING ON: March 15 9:30PM, March 19 8:30PM

F*ck My Life
While we're suspicious this one might not live up to its perfect title, 'F*ck My Life' (or the more elegant sounding, 'Que Pena Tu Vida') promises to explore the woes of "love in the times of Facebook." It also happens to be the highest grossing Chilean-produced film of 2010. If anything, you'll walk away knowing that Facebook isn't just your problem anymore, it's the world's problem now. 
SCREENING ON: March 13 6:15PM, March 16 4:00PM, March 17 8:00PM

In WUSS, a teacher is severely bullied by his own students and no amount of Coolio is going to save him. Too embarrassed to ask for help, he teams up with a group of outcasted students to exact revenge. WUSS promises to be a black comedy and don't think we didn't notice Arrested Development's Buster (aka Tony Hale) on the cast list. Be there, or be Michelle Pfeiffer. 
March 13 9:15PM, March 17 10:30PM, March 19 11:30AM

A group of alternative superheroes form to save an ex-addict from her drug dealer. Sounds well enough, if this wasn't a dark comedy written by Slither's James Gunn and featuring the talents of everyone from Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Ellen Page to KEVIN BACON. With Bacon as bad guy and Wilson in his second SxSW appearance this year, this one's bound to be a favorite. 
SCREENING ON: March 12 10:00PM, March 14 9:00PM 

A Bag of Hammers
A quirky-sounding friendship flick, A Bag of Hammers is making its world premiere at this year's SxSW. Writers Brian Crano and Jake Sandvig (who also stars in the film with indie favorite Jason Ritter) attempt to "emulate the buddy genre of the 80's" -- something they both claim is missing from today's comedic films.
SCREENING ON: March 12 1:45PM, March 13 6:30PM, March 15 7:00PM, March 18 2:00PM.