10 Gifts For the Party Monster In Your Life

by Ms. Fitz
Ms. Fitz, artist, nightlife extraordinaire and former PAPER Beautiful Person, knows a thing or two what the kids of the club want, need. If you're on the hunt for the perfect party monster present, you can't go wrong with any of her 10 suggestions below.

Car Service Vouchers
When your ass is out, your hair is set and you've squeezed yourself into 6 inch heels, the walk to the subway and back is a special kind of nightmare that should be avoided at all costs. Your fabulous friend deserves vouchers. 80% off Uber via Living Social.

False Eyelashes in Bulk
Sure, you could be really lovely and buy them a fancy pair of Shu Uemura lashes, but let's be honest, we'll wear them once and lose them anyway. Go for the bulk pack. It's the gift that keeps on giving -- at least ten times anyway. Eeyelash is my fave website.

A Case that Charges Your Cellphone
The bitch at the door is giving you grief even though YOU ARE ON THE LIST, DAMMIT. You've got the text to prove it, but your phone is about to die! Oh no! But have no fear -- with one of these fancy phone cases that also charges your phone, you're in luck.

The Beyoncé Album
Pffft. Duh. But you should check if they already have it, because they probably do. $15.99 via iTunes.

Blackout curtains
Not just for junkies, serial killers and World of Warcraft addicts! Blackout curtains successfully allow you to avoid the sunlight, which can really get in the way of one's social calendar. $27.26 via Amazon

A Bra Top
This Chromat bralette is a great staple if you don't mind showing a bit of flesh.

A Mini Mace Canister
Getting home at 4 a.m. wearing a thong and see-through burka is not a safe option, so a girl should always carry mace. Actually, I think it's illegal to carry mace in NYC? But whatever, it's better to be prepared. I picked this cute pink mini mace at my favorite hunting store, Cabela's. (Yes, I have a favorite hunting store, what gives?) Decorate it with rhinestones for a little extra flourish!

Coz they're gonna need it. Look for deals on sites like Lifebooker.

Molly Water
This stupid shit is a real thing that actually exists. I just thought you should know.
They were selling it for $12 a bottle at Art Basel Miami. We should all go kill ourselves now.

A Peggy Noland Puff Paint Look
Show off your branding with Peggy Noland's handmade puff paint dresses. Sexxy and kewl.

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