In honor of what would have been Kurt Cobain's birthday today, we bring your our favorite funny clips of him and Nirvana, some of which we've seen a million times and some of which we just found today. (If you've never seen the very strange footage of the band playing lathered-up Twister with Smashing Pumpkins, you're in for a treat.)

Riding on a motorcycle and breaking into "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks.

A baked goods enthusiast, Cobain is distracted by an appetizing plate of cookies during this MTV Video Music Awards interview.


Cobain wore a canary yellow ball gown during a 1991 appearance on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.

Filming a Christmas greeting for The RuPaul Show.

Impersonating Kevin Costner's super-awkward "that was really neat" scene from Madonna's Truth or Dare.

Going to town on Extreme.

With a twist of lemon!

On asking Axl Rose to be Frances Bean's godfather.

Nirvana getting their makeup done by Kim Gordon.

Playing Twister with Smashing Pumpkins.