10 Facts About the German Player Who Scored the Winning Goal

by Abby Schreiber + Elizabeth Thompson
(Photo via Instagram)

1. He has perfectly-sculpted eyebrows.
2. There's an intense photo of him with a boner on a boat in Ibiza.
3. He celebrated his winning goal by doing shots with Bad Gal RiRi.
4. He's only 22, hence this photo.
5. He could easily double as a home healthcare aid by day, go-go dancer at Curfew at Splash by night.
6. He enjoys massages with Helmut.
7. His girlfriend is a lingerie model. We're sure their conversations are lots of fun.
8. He loved Wolf of Wall Street.
9. He looks like a cross between SNL's Taran Killam and Nick Carter -- with a dash of Beckham.
10. He appreciates fan art.

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