10 Etsy Finds: Witchy Vibes

by Gabby Bess
1. 2014 Astrology Wall Calendar

A well-designed, minimalist way to make sure you're never caught off-guard when Mercury is in retrograde.

2. Palm Reader Hand Brooch

It's always best to be well accessorized when convening with the spirits world. 

3. Ouija Board iPhone Case

As if drunk-dialing ex-lovers wasn't already way too much like an ill-advised séance.

4. Evil Eye Purse

Possibly the chicest way to ward off bad vibes. 

5. Three-eyed Cat Pin

Even with an extra eye and fangs, this cat is still totally cuddle-able.

6. Herbarium Wood Box
Potion-making has never been so easy (or cute!) 

7. Fox Mulder Wooden Brooch Pin

Researchers have pinpointed the sole cause of a thousand Tumblr fangirls sighing and reblogging at once:

8. Teen Witch Sticker Set

Handmade stickers for the crafty teen wiccan.

9. Cotton Candy Bubble Gum Drops Cat Amulets

According to ancient Internet folklore, these cats will bring prosperity and good luck. And pizza.

10. K&R Round Ceramic Eye Pot

A potted plant that even Christopher Walken could love:

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