10 Etsy Finds: The Biennial Edition

Gabby Bess

1. Brad Troemel, sensual ROSE with mildly customizable 6 inch Subway MEATBALL with red onions, black olives, and swiss cheese (Show them you love) Have silly

Ephemeral Subway sandwiches are turned into "pure gold," or at least an art object that commands $60, through the artist's alchemy. 

2. Amy Louise Worrall, Small Naked Pyramid (2) Wall Plaque

Obsessed with the impossible forms of bodies and their parts, Amy creates sculptures like "Boob Vase" and "Small Naked Pyramid," pictured above.

3. Scott H, Robert Downey Jr. With Real Hair

"This is a 20cm x 20cm canvas of Robert Downey Jr with actual hair for the hair. It is my hair that I cut off and stuck on with glue." Art is suffering.

4. Angela Rossi, Shay Sheep, School Portrait

Portrait of the Artist as a School-aged Sheep.

5. Andy Morris, The Bed Print (Tracey Emin)

A re-imagining of Tracey Emin's My Bed (1998) in LEGO. The artist calls it, "one of his classics."

6. Faye Moorehouse, Twerking
A work of art that truly captures the zeitgeist.

7. Bryce Wymer, Phalanx Set A

A wood-block sculpture that can be taken apart to recreate your own work of art. Make sure to have your reappropriated sculptures ready to submit to the next Etsy Biennial!

8. Leah Goren, Cobalt Eye Dish

A statement against the NSA and our modern surveillance state? An exploration of the female gaze? What is art.

9. Danielle Spector, Mike Tyson Baby

Mike Tyson Baby asks us to look inward, at the Mike Tyson baby in us all.

10. Monica Ramos, I hate selfies

No you don't.

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